At bpi.visqueen, we do everything possible to get the light right for your crop.

We believe that our new generation of films can transform the future of horticulture through an unrivalled understanding of how crops respond to changes in light and by bringing world leading manufacturing processes to bear allowing us to produce individual films tailored to individual crops in individual climates.

Our unrivalled expertise, the latest production technologies and decades of research and development at universities and on farms around the world have enabled us to develop the Visqueen range of 'smart' horticultural films. These films not only protect crops from the vagaries of the weather but manipulate the type and level of light entering the greenhouse to optimise both yield and crop quality.

Whether it's your business to grow strawberries in Scotland or kale in Kenya we can produce a film engineered to create the perfect climate for your success.

The Visqueen 'smart' film range includes:

  • Polytunnel films (low and high tunnels)
  • Greenhouse films
  • SMART thermal & solar radiation control films
  • Mulch films

Visqueen - creating the climate for your success.

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BPI wins 2014 Sustainability Award

The 2014 Sustainability Award of the Scottish Corporate Awards has been won by British Polythene Industries, Europe’s largest recycler of polythene films.  At a high profile awards ceremony in Glasgow on 23rd April, the business was recognised not only for its ongoing work to reduce its own environmental footprint but also that of the wider industries it serves.